It’s tough to stay motivated if you’re getting rejections for the jobs you’re looking for or can’t locate positions that match your abilities.

Why not contact a recruitment agency? They’re free to use, have connections with businesses in various industries, and may provide you with helpful career guidance.

When choosing a recruitment agency to start your future career, you should consider the following factors:

– Approachability: Look for agencies that are personable and approachable. They should seem genuinely interested in learning about you as a person and your career goals.

– Industry expertise: Good agencies understand your industry, the roles they are recruiting for and the needs of employers. They have cultivated strong relationships in either their speciality industry or various areas.

– Fees: If the recruitment agency charges you a fee for their services, consider it a huge red flag. Legitimate agencies are paid by the company doing the hiring – not by the candidates they place. So, avoid signing any contracts requiring you to pay a fee, even if they find you a job.

What is a recruitment agency?

Recruitment agencies, often known as employment agencies, serve as a link between employers and job searchers. They operate on behalf of companies to recruit qualified applicants to fill open positions. Many businesses utilise them and signing up might provide you access to positions that aren’t listed anywhere else.

How do recruitment agencies work?

When a company needs to recruit someone, it sends a job description to the staffing agency. The agency then utilises this description to search its database of CVs for candidates who fit the job description.

Alternatively, they may place a job advertisement online to attract applications before compiling a shortlist. The company will choose its preferred applicants from this selection and ask the agency to schedule interviews.

Should I use a recruitment agency?

There are several benefits to using a recruitment firm to get a job. They’ll have developed strong contacts with several major employers, allowing you unique access to their openings.

Using a recruitment agency also has the following advantages:

– CV and cover letter advice
– Expert interview coaching
– Constructive feedback from each interview and employer
– Specialist advice for your chosen field
– Being put forward for any other relevant roles that may come up

What happens once I get a job?

The function of your agency doesn’t end once you’ve landed the job. They’ll take care of all the paperwork and other procedures and communicate with your new company to ensure that everything is for your first day and beyond. They may even negotiate your wage on your behalf to ensure that you get the best deal available. Essentially, it’s in their best interests to discover a perfect career for you and make applying and getting started as simple as possible.

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