If you are one of the unfortunates who have lost their job in the Covid-19 pandemic, you might be asking yourself “Is there still opportunities for me?” iSupply is powering the new era of work and we are committed to working side by side with you. Are you ready to take the next steps? We’ve put together a few useful tips to help you along your way in your job search! 


Before we go any further, we thought we’d start with the most obvious and easy solution to your job search – speak to one of our team members! It all starts with a quick call or contact form enquiry. We have a variety of jobs available all over the country that are regularly updated on our website: https://isupplygroup.co.uk/latest-jobs/  


Did you know that LinkedIn has been around longer than Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram? Yet it is more relevant than ever. It hosts 600 million professional profiles which means your dream job could be closer than you think due to the unlimited supply of network connections and opportunities. 

To secure a job on LinkedIn, we recommend you do the following: 

 . Keep your profile up to date 

. Be comprehensive about current skills and objectives 

. Highlight your recent work and experience

Employers believe that the most important aspect of a candidate’s profile was first and foremost ‘authenticity’, this gives the employer a clear picture of who you are as a person and this will increase your chances of securing your new career. 


Our aim is to save you time, save you money and make a real difference. We’ve had a lot of businesses who have come to us with negative past experiences working with recruitment agencies. Our aim is to take the hard work away from you, whilst our key Account Managers who look after your account keep you updated at every stage. 


Familiarise yourself with the new way of living! Some recruitment agencies like ourselves are still remaining open but with protective measures in place. However, you might need to get used to doing online interviews! You should download the app a few days prior, making sure the employer has given you access to the meeting link and access code so you are not late for your interview (everything should be set up, if not ask them). Having said that, you should be in the Zoom call 5 minutes before the meeting starts. 

Find a comfortable spot in your home that is noise and distraction-free… especially if you have kids. Eliminate any visual distractions, i.e. – vibrant posters and keep the room clean, you want the employer to be able to focus on your answers because the distractions could disrupt their ability to do this.  

get in touch

We hope you’ve found our tips useful. Our job is to help you find a job! Reach out to a recruitment agency like ours on info@isupplygroup.co.uk or 01925 918970. 

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