We wanted to introduce you all properly to our iSupply team. After all, there are a lot of us! The iSupply Group has several divisions who each specialise in different areas. Next up is Faye our brand Recruitment Consultant for our Industrial division. Keep reading to find out more, over to you Faye!

get to know Faye

Name: Faye Naughton
Job title: Recruitment Consultant
Location: Warrington
Area of business: Industrial
Typical day: “The day starts off with a morning meeting to discuss everybody’s jobs for the day followed by answering the phone, answering emails, booking people in to work as well as working on reception to allow candidates to register with iSupply.”
Favourite office lunch: “Anything homemade like soups and hot pot, I like to food prep the night before; working in an office, there can be a lot of bad food temptations, so this helps me to stay on track.”
Go to work mindful/productivity trick: “My favourite go to productivity trick is listening to Drake.”
Favourite holiday destination: “My most memorable holiday was going to Florida in 2010 and experiencing Disney World, it’s something that I feel so grateful to have been able to do with my whole family. However, I do love travelling to Spain, we go every year.”

reach out to Faye


Whether you are seeking a job or looking to partner up with a reliable recruitment agency, Faye can help! Get in touch via email faye@isupplygroup.co.uk

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