We wanted to introduce you all properly to our iSuppy team. After all, there are a lot of us! The iSupply Group has several divisions who each specialise in different areas. Next up is Olivia our Branch Manager…

get to know Olivia

Name: Olivia Geraghty
Job title: Branch Manager
Location: Warrington
Area of business: Industrial
Typical day: Day starts off with a morning meeting to discuss what everyone’s tasks are for the day, the day can then consist of; payroll, recruiting for various roles, advertising, booking staff for work, responding to emails, answering calls, meetings and all things iSupply.
Favourite office lunch: Currently as it stands I’m on a health kick!! But usually anything and everything, we a love to get team dinners – Chinese being the number 1 choice! ?
Go to work mindful/productivity trick: We play a good old tune and get ourselves in the zone.
Skill I am learning: Not really a skill but I did dry Jan and started a 6 weeks exercise course.
Favourite holiday destination: Dominican Republic 

reach out to Olivia

Whether you are seeking a job or looking to partner up with a reliable recruitment agency, Olivia can help! Get in touch via LinkedIn or drop him an email olivia@isupplygroup.co.uk
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