i is for optimise

iSupply optimise

Improving productivity and performance.

Optimise is a productivity-based cost saving model developed by our in-house IT Team. Optimise significantly reduces labour costs by charging and paying on cases picked/product handled. In essence we look to improve the performance by incentivising the workforce and at the same time driving down your cost.

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reducing costs

Optimise is a productivity-based cost saving model complemented by our shop-floor facing management support and performance coaching team.

Optimise significantly reduces labour costs by charging on cases (units) picked and not on traditional hourly margin.

So, what do we do? And what do we don’t?

  • we doaccurately link worker pay to units picked,
    so retention and productivity increases
  • we doreduce time taken to pick same volume
  • we do reduce indirect costs to site such as MHE, H&S issues etc
  • we do enable you to use fewer workers to process the required volume
  • we do look to improve performance and in doing so incentivise our colleagues
  • we do supply high volume labour and manage the workforce consistently well
  • we do help businesses make significant commercial gains
  • we don’t charge on a traditional hourly margin helping to significantly reduce labour costs

but don’t just take our word for it…

he iSupply Optimise model has worked perfectly in certain areas of our business. 

Not only do we benefit from having a super motivated temp workforce but we have also saved over £500k over the last few years.  The management that iSupply put around the process is superb and I would highly recommend this innovative way of working.

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