We all know that the British weather has something of a reputation for being unpredictable. It doesn’t always seem to correspond to the seasons and conditions can change very suddenly. When you’re out on the road, no matter how far you’re intending to travel, you should always be mindful of the weather. We’ve put together a few tips to help you stay safe when driving in windy conditions:

Keep both hands on the steering wheel

Whilst this is always an important piece of safety advice, in windy weather it’s crucial. Sudden winds can easily steer the vehicle of course, and therefore it’s vital to maintain a firm grasp of the steering wheel to avoid veering into danger.  Keeping both hands on the wheel will make it easier to stay in control or adjust the vehicle if necessary.

Be aware of your surroundings as well as other road users

In windy weather you will need to pay greater attention to surroundings as well as too other road users.  Perhaps you could plan your route to avoid driving on exposed or high roads, bridges, motorway flyovers, etc, where wind can impact driving conditions.  Think about occurrences labelled ‘Acts of God.’ Are trees likely to be uprooted? Will branches obstruct your vision? Think about roof slates, pavement furniture and flying debris.

Be aware of other road users too. For example, give cyclists, motor cyclists and tow trucks extra space when overtaking and consider the dangers of flat bed / high sided  trucks carrying loads which may not be adequately secured. If you, yourself are driving a curtain sided truck, ensure that both sides are tied at one end of the vehicle as this will help to minimise the effects of side winds.

Slow down

Avoid the temptation of driving faster to reach your destination.  Lowering your speed will give you greater control of your vehicle and more time to react to any unexpected conditions, lane closures or diversions.

Take extra care

The best advice we can give for driving in windy conditions is to ‘take extra care and be aware.’ Listen to local weather forecasts, ensure your vehicle is maintained and serviced properly, and be prepared for any eventuality. Driving safely, slowly and responsibly in adverse conditions will reduce stress levels and contribute towards the overall safety of all road users.

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