What is an HGV driver?

The term “heavy goods vehicle” refers to any truck, lorry, or articulated vehicle that weighs more than 3.5 tonnes.

How much do HGV drivers earn?

Salary levels have risen because of the present driver shortage, with rates ranging from £35,000 to £50,000 now being the norm- this is to entice drivers to get behind the wheel. Pursuing an HGV career with ISupply also comes with added perks such as weekly bonuses, inflated rates and constant personal support from the team.

Job security

Due to the significant increase in online shopping and E-Commerce, the logistics sector is now in demand more than ever. The HGV Industry are always hiring so that they can meet demand in the current climate. Therefore, a skilled driver who is fully qualified and has a current professional HGV licence will always be able to find work, so becoming an HGV driver can be seen as a stable and rewarding career that keeps the economy moving.

The role offers a variety

As previously said, this is not an industry that will go away anytime soon- this is down to the ongoing pressure in the haulage industry to acquire more drivers so that they can meet the current industry demand.  A skilled driver who is certified and has a current professional HGV licence is constantly in demand. In our ever-changing world, there are certain areas where that cannot be claimed with as much certainty, therefore it’s pleasant and sensible to pursue a career that provides job stability. The job also allows you to be your own boss which offers flexibility, as well as the opportunity to travel and see more of the world. When it comes to service demands, this is also not a sector that swings nearly as much as other industries—HGV driving is always in demand.

How do I become an HGV driver?

To become an HGV driver, come down to one of our next open days or contact our team via 01925 918970 or info@isupplygroup.co.uk for more info.
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