Are HGV drivers in demand? 

If you’re thinking about getting a job driving an HGV, you’re probably wondering if it’s a wise idea. You’ve most likely heard a lot about HGV driving, both positive and negative. Some people claim it’s a great job with a decent salary and perks, while others feel the hours are excessive.

So, in the aftermath of the pandemic, what the real issues around HGV driving? is it a smart job option for 2022, or should you search for something else?

Lorry Driver Shortage

The current shortfall of lorry drivers is estimated to be over 70,000. Companies are always on the hunt for freshly trained drivers, so you won’t have any trouble finding a job. If you learn to become an HGV driver, you can expect your services and skills to remain in high demand for a long time.

Lorry Drivers Salary

There is good money to be made as an HGV driver! A full-time, fully trained HGV driver may make upwards of £45,000 per year. Furthermore, if you work for a contractor, you have the flexibility to work on different contracts and earn a more competitive salary. #keepbritainrunning.


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